Ok, just one more....

Ok, just one more....

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Since a lot of folks have asked....  We are in the process of reloading around 150 pieces of content - this includes the Sega arcade games, Rockband DLC, etc.  Because of how our caching works and replication out to CDNs, this could take somewhere between 1 and 4 hours to appear in your specific location.  We realize this is not optimal and are working on making this process far more robust.  The content for Ghostbusters has been reloaded, however we are still having a problem with token redemption (codes) that I wouldn't reasonably expect will be resolved until morning.
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  • I just tried my Ghostbusters Code for the gold Proton Pack and it took it YAYAYA and it download.  But now in the game its the same old one not sure whats up here.  I went to the main menu to turn it on and still nothing weird.

  • Whats going on with Shreddy73 & dereki91 - do these guys even play xbox? Come on, you're launch team and you only got 1165 and 1807 gamerscore.

  • Ruairi has a point. I got my console in Mid 2007 and I got a higher gamerscore than both of you combined. WOW. I'm closer to e.

  • Aw, I was hoping to redeem mi XBLA game, well, hope you fix that tomorrow, ^_^ Keep up the awesome work guys.

    P.S.  Shreddy73 & dereki91, you guys should play that Avatar game that gives you 1000 GS in 5 minutes

  • Still no Big Surf Island (add-on for Burnout Paradise)

  • Next time make sure you have a valid full backup before you trash the marketplace database again.

  • For some reason I'm getting the american versions of marketplace and inside xbox on my UK profile.

  • Wonder if NCAA football 10 will be on the marketplace or will it mess up?

  • Hi I am still getting the same error code (8000ffff) that I did when live first came back up yesterday really want to download Big Surf Island please let me! :(

  • Hi I am still getting the same error code (8000ffff) that I did when live first came back up yesterday really want to download Big Surf Island please let me! :(

  • I really need to download that Optional Media Update more than anything dude.. lol

    Could you get that one fixed?

  • Some people here in Rotterdam (Netherlands) can download the games. But not everyone.. huh?! wtf..

  • How's it coming along guys? We're still not getting Rocket Riot, so just wanted to find out how far u guys are. Thanks

  • i live in finland and cant download any new games from the marketplace...hope you get it fixed soon.

  • Hi, I am located in the Bay Area (California.) My friends and I here (in different towns) are all still seeing the 8000ffff error appear in reference to marketplace content not being found. Occasionally we are also having some difficulty in joining games with dedicated servers such as Kaos Studio's Frontlines: Fuel of War, though I suspect that has more to do with their end.

    Just thought I'd throw it out there, in case any of this was useful. Keep up the overall good, obviously hard, and apparently under-appreciated, work. I know everything will be back to 100% soon enough.

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