Ok, just one more....

Ok, just one more....

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Since a lot of folks have asked....  We are in the process of reloading around 150 pieces of content - this includes the Sega arcade games, Rockband DLC, etc.  Because of how our caching works and replication out to CDNs, this could take somewhere between 1 and 4 hours to appear in your specific location.  We realize this is not optimal and are working on making this process far more robust.  The content for Ghostbusters has been reloaded, however we are still having a problem with token redemption (codes) that I wouldn't reasonably expect will be resolved until morning.
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  • HI

    i get a 80070190 Status code if i try to download Roket Riot

    it stops at 1%

    im from germany

  • The XBox live status page says it's working, but its not. Please can we get some updates. It would really be nice to the game developers if we knew why we can't buy our own game ;)

  • I also still can not download Rocket Riot (but the other two new arcade games released). I am also located in Germany.

    Any words on it? :-(

  • Guys, They are working on the problems..

    Please bear with them for a while

  • There are a few bugs. Like I won two codes (Sonic 3 and Gunstar Heroes). Gunstar Heroes wouldn't work on the website but it did on the console. :) If you guys  could look over the online redeem process for codes, that would be great.

  • Aaaaaannnd.... support.xbox.com is *still* down.  Any ETA at all on this one?  I've yet to see you guys even acknowledge this (what I feel is fairly large) issue.

  • http://www.xbox.com/en-US/

    thats not down your dumb :D

  • Still can't get my MTG code to redeem the promo card.

  • I am having a problem with games that I burned to the hard drive not showing up. I can get it to play from the hard drive but I have to hunt for it in my files. Let me know if you can get this fixed

  • Not only is the Xbox Support web page still down, but there's a week's old promo on Inside Xbox for Major Nelson's "car giveaway" which is long expired.  It needs to be pulled ASAP.

  • Yep, the support sections (support.xbox.com and service.xbox.com) are still down here as well.

  • majornelson.com says:

    "Update:  The issues around accessing Xbox LIVE Marketplace content are now resolved."

    and its not working here in helsinki,finland?

    where is it working?!?

    i get the 80070190 all the time.

    24hour quick update is becoming an 48 hour mega fail...

    hopefully you get this fixed as soon as possible.

    yesterday we had problems with my friend while playing skate 2.the party didnt work and multiplayer live games didnt work.other player was thrown out all the time from the game and the party.maybe something wrong with EA servers too?

  • Do you know about the issues with the auction house and car gifting feature in Forza 2? They still do not work properly and there are many people having the same problem in the forzamotorsport.net forums.

  • I haven't seen anyone mention it (maybe I'm the only person interested?) but the Space Invaders Extreme DLC still isn't working.  Just letting someone know.

  • I cant wait to play Rocket Riot! Please xbl gods, make it work soooon! :P

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