Intermittent errors in Marketplace

Intermittent errors in Marketplace

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We’re aware of intermittent errors in Marketplace that are affecting Xbox Live,, and Games for Windows.  You may run into one of a few different status codes including 80004004, 807B01F4, and 8015000a.  It may also show that you haven’t purchased content that you have – don’t worry, we haven’t lost your purchase even though it may appear so.


This can occur whether you’re searching Marketplace from the Dashboard or from within a game.


There’s a team of people actively working on the issue.  Our apologies for the hassle - we’ll get this resolved as soon as we can.

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  • this was the issues i was telling you about the other day

  • Intermittent? I haven't been able to buy anything from the Web marketplace all day...

  • I don't know if this matters now that you are on it, but I have been getting these messages sporadically for close to a month now.

    It hasn't been a big deal because it always seemed to finally connect, but presentation wise it could turn away new or potential members.

    My gamertag is UR BUS IS SHORT just in case you need to know.

    Thanks for looking into this

  • Glad this is being worked on, I've bought something then apparently i have not lol.

    Also for some reason the content is not working in-game, still took my points for something i seemingly did not purchase.

  • Oh god, Thank you so much for letting me know dude! lol

    I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that I couldn't re-download those Call of Duty waW Map Packs back, ah man.. lol

    Thats great thats it been worked on!

  • i just got my 360 back from RROD and i thought it came back with an issue. i've never seen this error code on xbox live. really annoying since i'm trying to re-download all of my games onto my HDD. please fix ASAP! thanks...

  • Yea. This has been going on for a while. It hasn't just crept up. You guys have been oblivious to this issue for days it seems.  Sometimes you have to acknowledge the public and look into these things instead of waiting so long.  This was happening the minute Live came up after that hideous maintenance mid June, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I read posts here from you guys as you were fixing symptoms and not the problems.  Just look at the official xbox forums and these error codes have been plastered all over there since.

  • I dont understand why everyone is complaining. This problem could have been not that big of an issue if it was just happening to a few people. I mean, I never had this issue before. Where I was on the marketplace yesterday.

    But today, I do. Fix it please?

  • Perhaps taking out the suck from the status message?  Alphanumeric nothingness is very MS.  

  • What a lot of people haven't realized, is that until today, support ( as in web or telephone ), oblivious to the fact and problem, has been telling people to delete and restore gamertags, change router settings, clear caches, delete unused games, and things that they really should not be telling non-tech savy people to do.  I've read too many horror stories already, and one person getting led astray is one too many. And yes, this has been going on from even before the big maintenance and progressively getting worse. It was stated here a few times, and all over the official forums.  Maybe support and development need to communicate a little more so the gears can turn more reliably.

  • @Siddy.

    Yeah, I had the same problem about a month ago (definitely before the downtime) and was told to delete & restore my gamertag.  Quite frankly I think it was a ploy to get me off the phone, as they force you to call back in after telling you to do that.

    Obviously it didn't work & the next rep refunded my microsoft points.

  • Over the last few hours we've been able to make some pretty dramatic improvements to the performance of Marketplace.

    I'm not ready to say it's fixed - and we're not done - but I thought I should swing by and give an update.

    - e

  • Well the issue is still occurring here in CA at 11:21PST.  Not that I was going to but anything tonight, bit the errors are really annoying.  Glad to know you guys are working on it


  • Was rather annoying, since some error messages just kept popping up after each other.

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