Seeing status code 80153065 when trying to access Marketplace?

Seeing status code 80153065 when trying to access Marketplace?

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If you have a child account on Xbox Live and you’re from New Zealand you’re probably wondering what’s going on.  This isn’t an error - it’s Xbox Live trying to tell you that we can’t allow your account to download from Marketplace.  See here for more information.


If your account isn't a child account from New Zealand this doesn’t affect you.

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  • I used a New Zealand Hotmail account to make it would that make it a NZ account?

  • So if i try to redeem a 12 month code will this fail because im on a child account?

  • Is this going to be fixed? Otherwise how on earth can I spend the 2000 points I just bought?

  • @bober999: Yes, if your Window Live ID (your hotmail account) is a NZ one then this will impact you.

    @CB: No, this does not affect subscriptions.

    @OL: You'll need to call Support.

  • NOOOOO so i cant spend my points for another 4 years?

  • One question.

    Is this actually going to be fixed? Or is this how microsoft wants it to be? Because the support page about it makes it seem like its normal and the only fix is to turn 18... which is a few years away for me.

  • So did a law get passed in NZ or something that says children can't download stuff from anywhere?

  • So will this actually get changed or is this permanent or temporary? It seems kinda stupid that i could download all the Fallout 3 expansion prior to this but now i can't download the 4th one. And why does it affect only NZ? This absurd beyond all belief.

  • This is just incredibly unfair! Can I only download stuff below my age limit or can I not download anything at all? And just why the hell is this only affecting New Zealand? This better not be another stupid bill by John Key.

  • Well, I rang Xbox Live customer support again and they told me that in coopertation with New Zealand authorities they are enforcing a new policy that under 18s cannot download content. They could not specifically tell me who, however they will be emailing me in 48 hours when they have this information.

    It seems that some new law must have been passed, but I haven't heard anything about it. I told them that not all content is unsuitable for under 18s and that there will be a huge backlash from Xbox Live users because lots of them are under 18.

    I urge you to ring up Xbox support, cancel your xbox live subscription and tell them why to boycot this new barbaric law. They will be forced to do something about this if enough people cancel. I will post details of the authority once I receive my email. Spread the word!


  • Is there any more information you can give us about this? Because I am completely confused as to why this is happening.

  • NZ did pass a law or something so under 18's cant download certain content from xbox

  • but the way its being inforced at the moment bober999 is that NOTHING can be downloaded, not just certain content... seems a little over the top to me. I'd understand if they limited certain content to age restrictions (i.e GTA DLC for 18+ only), but all content for anyone under 18... thats a bit over the top and rediculous.

  • This stinks and is bad for me because i just bought 2000 microsft points and now cant spend them for 4 and a half years! I hope this is only tempoary?

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