What we’ve been up to lately?

What we’ve been up to lately?

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It’s been a pretty crazy couple of months around here.  I’ll try not to repeat that too often, as I think I’ve been saying that since I joined Xbox back in 2001.  If working in a whirlwind sounds appealing, this is the place you want to be.  Of course, the Madden 10 demo released on Xbox Live this morning so it’s true all over again!


A little over a month ago we made some major upgrades to the datacenters that drive Xbox Live.  We did a number of different things – some of which I can’t talk about – but it’s been made very clear that there’s interest in what we did, so here’s a few tidbits:


Capacity Upgrades.  There’s more than 20 million of you on Xbox Live now, and we need to be prepared for when everyone wants to play the latest and greatest.  With killer titles like Halo: ODST and Modern Warfare 2 shipping this fall we know that you’re all going to be online, and probably all at once!


Deploying New/Improved Features.  In order to enable the cool new functionality that’s coming – Xbox 360 Games on Demand, Avatar Marketplace, User Ratings, and a lot more to say nothing of speeding up the Guide and Account Recovery – we had to do a lot of heavy lifting.  In some cases that’s updating existing bits, but it also meant new services and new hardware.


Adopting New Technology.  Why should you care about this?  As a customer, you don’t have to – but I know that a number of you are interested so I’m mentioning it.  We’ve completed our migration to 64-bit Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008.  This is a platform that delivers some significant advantages for us, which will help us better serve you.


The across-the-board move to 64-bit alone is a big win.  Keeping capacity ahead of demand is a never-ending battle, and easy access to many gigabytes of memory is a blessing when you’re trying to scale.  Windows 2008 means IIS 7, Hyper-V, and a whole host of performance improvements under the hood.  SQL 2008 delivers all sorts of geeky goodness, but I’ll point specifically at the major performance improvements in replication as a wonderful thing.



Starting with the upcoming Public Preview for the next Xbox Live Update you’ll be enjoying the benefits of this work.  There’s still a little time left before we stop taking sign-ups, so if you’re interested in getting access ahead of your 20 million closest friends, click this link!

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  • we love you keep it going!!!!!

    PIP is a must for me, we use xbox's as media extenders which means we can play a game and watch tv? why not?

    You must add an applicaiton tab, please. It's so hard to find something like Photo Party! It's not a game add-on!

  • I want those Performance Improvements, for sure!

    Soooo bad. I like what you are doing, Keep it up. =)

  • In short, I want that preview program update!! Yes please!

    I'm such a tech geek =D

  • 64-bit SQL 2008 and Windows Server 2008?  Nice!  I can't imagine how many layers of clustering you guys use.  So...how many GB of RAM do you run?  Any VM's?  I like these geeky info more than Major Nelson's.  He's such a PR guy now!  Just don't tell him that to his face...  ;)

    Can't wait for the improvements!  I hope I get in to the preview program.

  • E, thank the team for us.  The work that is done for xbox live is amazing and I know my friends as well as I are looking forward to the preview...or regularly scheduled release.

  • Thanks for the update! I like knowing whats going on behind the scene keep up the great work.

  • I'm glad to see updates that aren't just about problems. It's interesting to here what you guys are doing.

  • I'm glad to see updates that aren't just about problems. It's interesting to here what you guys are doing.

  • The only feature upgrades I'd like to see are

    1.  Faster guide

    2.  Sorting stats by regions.   I'd like to be able to my gamerscore by city, state, etc.  I'd also like to see it for games rankings to.   Sometimes shooting for the top in the world is just out of most people's reach.  However it would be nice to see how I stack up against people in my city or even state.

  • Here's a weird one for you

    My son's friend just came around

    with his profile on memory card

    I was signed in as joystick 1

    his friend signed in as joystick 2

    and it was locked up for a few seconds signing in

    an it either didnt sign in good

    or someone pressed a button

    anyway i had to sign back in

    so did he

    at this point i took the joysticks off them to make sure they didnt do anything wrong

    this was all done at the xbox dashboard

    it signed in just fine

    i redownloaded 2 map packs from his history

    onto my console

    and started gears of war 2 up

    he was showing as rank 1 instead of 49

    my profile was fine showing as rank 18

    if you pulled up the guide his gamerpicture was missing and score showed at 0

    this happened a few times every time we tried

    it even did it after going to avatar editor

    i then signed him out and moved his profile to my hd

    went to sign back in and there was 2 profiles for him

    1 on hd

    1 on mu

    both profiles worked

    and i deleted the one from my hd

    and everything is working fine now

    im unsure if this is related to something going on in the background due to the new update

    im signed up for the beta but it hasnt gone live yet

    just thaught i would let someone know

    its the weirdest thing i have ever seen

  • I got the preview program update, It's Awesome!

    Sooo smooth, and performs very nicely, Excellent work Xbox Live team!

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