It’s Dashboard Update time!

It’s Dashboard Update time!

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For those of you who signed up for the Public Preview, you’re already running the latest and greatest version of the Dashboard.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the early access, and we’d like to thank you for all the great feedback in the Preview forums on  Starting tomorrow morning at 2AM Pacific we’ll be rolling it out to all Xbox LIVE users worldwide.


This update has a ton of new functionality – Xbox 360 Games on Demand, Avatar Props and Avatar Marketplace, User Ratings, improved experiences for Parties, Netflix, the Guide, and more!  There’s a fairly comprehensive list of what’s new available at




(and if you haven’t checked out Splosion Man yet, I highly recommend it! bort bort bort!)

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  • That's good to know, e! =)

    One question though.. Will preview members get the update too?

    Reason I ask is because theres that preview channel on the dashboard.. will that disappear or something by itself?

    Let me kn.. let everyone know! =D

  • Noticed you fixed the pass code issue I was having too. Previously if I signed out and then back in, it would make me put in my pass code twice for some reason. Now, it only needs it once. Small but good change.

    Despite me having the latest update, I still am having issues signing into messenger. It just doesn't recognise my details. I know my password is right because I can sign into messenger with the same Windows Live ID on my PC. Sometime, they shortened passwords and so I changed mine to something shorter but still can't sign in on the console's messenger.

    I can't see the problem. Support always give me advice on changing the password but I have done that and it still won't sign me into messenger. I'm sure some Windows Live Accounts just have some really weird glitches in them (I have an address registered in 2002). Also it says the server is too busy on but yet when I click the sign in button, everything is fine.

    Replicated: When browser closed (thus telling the cookie it has been closed) and then when I go back and open my browser, go to it will say 'server is too busy' (I guess a cookie is telling the site I am signed in but not all the way). Clicking the sign in button sorts it and it suddenly is no longer too busy for me. Definitely a glitch.

    Sorry for this long post but there are so many glitches in the Windows Live ID structure, which causes some accounts to not work as they should with some features, such as and messenger on the console.

  • I am using en-GB language on by the way and this message pops up on the My Xbox page.

  • can't wait to see the new features this fall.

    oh and I thought that 'splosion man was saying "Bored" you know since he wasn't 'sploding...

  • Any news on when the invalid Windows Live ID fix will go live?

  • If, as MN suggests in his blog, the preview folks don't get an update, then big kudos to the team for not having any dashboard bug fixes to push out with this update.

  • Get to da choppa!

    I wish the new achievement page would allow me to scroll and see all my completed games not just the first 12.

    Very surprised the Live team overlooked this obvious feature.

  • I'm a Hughesnet site, got the update fine. Still cannot navigate anywhere on Live without an 80004005 Error popping up.



  • Report: Xbox 360 Failure Rate Reaches 54%

    New survey says Microsoft's Red Ring of Death contines to rise.

    by Jim Reilly

    August 17, 2009 - If your Xbox 360 hasn't broken down yet or suffered from the dreaded red ring of death, then consider yourself pretty lucky.

    A new survey published in Game Informer's print edition indicates the Xbox 360 failure rate has climbed to a shocking 54.2%. The magazine surveyed nearly 5000 readers, asking them about their experience dealing with broken consoles.

    Here are their findings:

      Console failure rate

      Xbox 360 – 54.2%

      Playstation 3 – 10.6%

      Wii – 6.8%

      Percentage of console owners who suffered a second hardware failure after the original repair.

      Xbox 360 – 41.2%

      Playstation 3 – 14.7%

      Wii – 11%

      Percentage of people who rate their customer service experience "very helpful"

      Nintendo – 56.1%

      Sony – 51.1%

      Microsoft – 37.7%

      Percentage of respondents whose friends have had console hardware failures.

      Xbox 360 – 69.9%

      Playstation 3 – 12.4%

      Wii – 6%

    The magazine also makes a few notes about their results:

    The reason the Wii has the lowest hardware failure rate could be because console is played the least of the three. 41.4% of Wii owners surveyed said they play the console less than one hour a day, meanwhile the majority of Xbox 360 (40.3%) and Playstation 3 (37%) owners say they play their console on an average of three to five hours day.

    Also, only 3.8% of respondents said they'd never buy another Xbox system because of the failure rates.

    How have your experiences been?


  • i cant buy shadow complex...i always get an error....whats wrong??

  • Like thehuntsouth above--Ever since this update hit, I'm unable to download or look at Xbox Live content without receiving a 80004005 error.  It has worked fine for the past 3+ years.

    I'm (unfortunately) a Hughesnet user.  Based on some forums I've checked, this is effecting all of us who connect this way.


  • now i have played Race Driver:GRID and the new dashboard doesnt realize that i am playing it...i got the legend status but didnt get the achievement...i am playing to get the achievement and then its not u have to fix that cuz this can be with many other games too...and its frustrating!...Take this serious and fix the bugs pls

  • Just a quick question: I have tried to set a picture as a theme after the NXE latest upgrade to no avail. Can you help me out, or this was blocked on this version?

  • I wish there was a way on this site to post live issues.  These guys seem like the people who need to know.  Netflix is down.

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