…aaaaand we’re back!

…aaaaand we’re back!

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Please consider us to have extended the usual “sorry this blog has been quiet for so long” apology.  We know that you’ve read many of them so we’re going to save you from having to read another one here and move on.


While we’ve been gone some pretty amazing things have happened around here.  While much of the world was vacationing between Christmas and New Year’s, you were playing on Xbox LIVE – at one point, more than 2.2 million of you at once!  That was an incredible sight to see.


As I type this we’re preparing for everything that 2010 is going to bring.  If you’re an Xbox LIVE customer you’re in for an great year.  We’ve already seen several excellent games this year, and soon you’ll be getting first crack at new content for Modern Warfare 2.  If you want to take a look at the lineup we’re calling the “Biggest Year in Xbox 360 Gaming History” you can find it here.  Not only do we have all of those amazing titles to look forward to, Project Natal will be hitting store shelves!


If you’re making the journey to PAX East, good for you – we’ll see you there!  A number of members of the Operations team will be in attendance including myself, Stepto, and MacheteBetty.  For the first time we’ll be recording an episode of Major Nelson Radio in front of a live studio audience, Stepto will be giving a talk on Enforcement on Xbox LIVE, and MacheteBetty will be talking about our efforts to make your life easier through @XboxSupport on Twitter.  We’re also looking to schedule a meet-up during the show – more news once we’ve got a location nailed down.


We’re going to be talking to you here more often – so set your RSS reader or follow me on Twitter for updates.



P.S.  While we’re discussing important things, my Gamerscore topped 40,000 yesterday.  That puts me… let me see… carry the one… WAY ahead of Derek and Shreddy.

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  • Have fun at PAX, and I just checked, as of now Major is winning the GS competition

  • 2.2 million users at once!  Impressive, congrats folks.  Glad to see you guys doing the blog again.

  • Great to hear from you "guys" again. 2.2 million concurrent gamers on LIVE is awesome! Mind blowing to say the least.

    Well done on the 40K mark. I am more along in the group of Derek and Shreddy. :)

  • what i'd like to see is xbl support on bing/yahoo messenger but i guess i can keep holding my breath

  • You guys could have at least sent a post card ;)

  • i just want to know why we can't stream divx files from my network, but I can from a thumb drive.

  • I use Twitter and follow @XboxSupport and get immediate responses. Great to see them on Twitter. Though I ask questions I read in the xbox.com forums. As an Xbox Ambassador I try to stay informed of things. It makes my job much more easier, and I just love Xbox.

  • back from what? holiday? can someone explain to me why you arent doin your job correctly and i cant play a simple game of call of duty? my respect for xbox and everyone that works within the community is dwindling

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