Today’s Xbox LIVE issues – Modern Warfare 2, Matchmaking, and Billing.

Today’s Xbox LIVE issues – Modern Warfare 2, Matchmaking, and Billing.

Through a process failure on our part, the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package was released this morning before the Title Update (TU) for MW2 was available.


Unfortunately, the Stimulus Package doesn’t function correctly without the TU.  Once they had been released out of order, it wasn’t a simple thing for us to resolve.  For a couple of hours the result was unpredictable but most people couldn’t get into a game through matchmaking.  In technical terms, it was a big hairball that we had to unwind.


The TU and Matchmaking issues were resolved shortly after 11AM Pacific.  Unfortunately, we’re still working through some billing issues.  These are primarily around the redeeming of POSA cards – POSA stands for “Point of Sale Activation”.  These are the cards that you buy at a retail store that they then activate for you at the checkout register.  Some cards that were properly activated at the retailer are reporting back to us as not having been activated yet.  You haven’t done anything wrong, you won’t lose your money, and you don’t need to go back to the store – just hang in there and try again in a few hours.  The Stimulus Package has been so popular that our POSA vendors that make those magic point cards work are a little backed up.


Other billing features are seeing intermittent problems as well, but at a far lower rate than POSA redemption.  You’re most likely to notice this when trying to redeem a code through, but you may see it on the console as well.  The team has been working all of these issues on your behalf nonstop, and will continue to do so until the last of them are resolved.


As always, keep an eye on the Support page on and the XboxSupport Twitter for the most current information.

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  • Still cannot redeem points card - been waiting since 5pm (central time).

  • Greedy? No doubt about it. They act like there isn't a recession happening.

  • The pionts card FINALLY worked in the NYC area at 12 midnight.......F U M$   what else can you charge me for?

    Map pack is downloading too   F U again!!!

  • Cant join any game, I mean ....not any after the big download of the map pack. I have never ever seen a business that sells you a product than beta tests it on the consumer hahahahaha. I want to reverse the buy and just have the ability to play the regular stuff but I just borrowed  Battlefield 2 sooo i'll ebay this game

  • Well of course they beta test on the consumer^Wpaying customer, this is Microsoft after all, it's what they always do.

    And like someone else pointed out, some ACTUAL technical information apart from "We accidentally the whole thing. Then we fixed it." would be rather nice, along with a checklist of things to be followed in the future to ensure that such a grand farce does not happen again.

    Not like that's ever going to happen, this is probably all we'll ever get in terms of anything related to this issue.

  • Lmaoooo this is once again why I have a ps3 and wouldn't accept an crapbox even if u paid me for it. I'm willing to go in on a bet w whoever wants it that sony's release next month will go smoother than a baby's butt. 100$....who wants in? Hahaha, efff all of u and ur overpriced gaming console that keep having to pay for online gaming!!! Shitbox is more like it!!!

  • omg LOL me and my mates were wondering what happened we just kept playing private games one of my friends though a hacker got into the server one though that too many people were online i just though it was something to to do with the MW2 Update

  • So when are we going to see the integration of the "ranger" maps in HC HQ? That was supposed to happen yesterday, and i still have yet to play any of them, and i have been playing almost all day

  • Does anyone bother to test sh!t before releasing it to the masses?

    You guys don't make enough $$ to hire your own beta-testing team?

    Oh wait... we're a bunch of beta-testers. F^ck u worthless bastards.

  • It's great that everything works fine since yesterday afternoon (germany).

    Love the new and old maps (where you packed more details in). It's just great and adding more fun to the gameplay (for myself).

    You did just a great job - though it was very annoying at the beginnig.

    And guys... stop whining... before complaining about what doesn't work for hours... go out... have a walk in the Park or whatever. Enjoy life - it's not all about being online.

    Just my two cents.... :)

  • as much as i love mw2, i think the above statement does require an apology, they new the release dates of the map pack everything should have been tried and tested thoughroughly before hand. plus, the new maps are fab espeially the one with the manaquins, but the old ones they have picked from the previous game are possibly the most boring ones. another point id like to make is... i dont like domination games, i really like team deathmatch and im a little peeved that it didnt state this in the advert for the map pack. after work and after running or working out, i like to unwind by killing random people around the world it is my right to complain!

  • I still can't get the update started on Modern warfare 2. Can anyone please help me...

  • hi

    I've downloaded the stimulus pack and done the TU but still it says searching for good games and finds none...

    i can see there's over 30000 people online but i can't to any live game....

    Please can someone help me

    Its doing my Nut in !!!!

  • Just a Quick Question. When they integrate the new maps with the playlists already out there, will the people without the stimulus package be able to play the playlists still? Because that would be so crap if you had to buy the stimulus package to be able to play :l

  • OK, I'm bored. When is the second stimulus map set to be released.. ?

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