Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Update

Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Update

First - thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the questions posed in the previous blog entry.  That data was very useful.


We’ve been going over the results with the folks at Infinity Ward, and as a result they’ve made some changes to how the game behaves when it’s looking for a match.  A few of you have already reached out to me to say that you’re seeing an improvement, and that’s great to hear.  We’d love to know what results you get this weekend.


If you’re willing to share your experience again, here’s what we'd like to know – I’ll gather up your results and make sure that IW gets them:

1.       What playlist (TDM/FFA/Stimulus/etc.) you were searching in

2.       How many potential games were found?

3.       How many good games were found?

4.       How long did it take you to find a match from the time you started searching?


If you’re not already, I’d suggest following @fourzerotwo on Twitter to keep an eye out for any information coming directly from IW.  We’ll be here on the blog and manning @XboxSupport as well.

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  • The biggest problem I have is the fact that alot of the times when joining a match the party gets split up and not everyone gets pulled into the pre game lobby.

  • 1. TDM/Simulus

    2. 1-4

    3. 50

    4. 30 secs to 2 minutes

  • 1.       What playlist (TDM/FFA/Stimulus/etc.) you were searching in: ground war

    2.       How many potential games were found?: 1

    3.       How many good games were found?: 1

    4.       How long did it take you to find a match from the time you started searching? 10-15 min

  • 1. TDM Stimulus

    2. 1-2

    3. 49-50

    4. Anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

    Hope this helps! GO IW!

  • 1.  TDM

    2.  50

    3.  1-2

    4.  Usually 10 minutes, and if it doesn't find matches as it cycles through all the ping times, I get kicked off XBox live.  Once I sign back in I have to start the search all over again.

    And sorry to be a jerk, but support needs to be working all weekend on fixing this for real.  None of this "its a little better now stuff".  If this is so complicated to figure out then just release another patch to disable the Title Update.  We are not all using the Stimulus maps but most probably installed this horrible Title Update that is causing the problem.

  • 1. Demolition

    2. 0-2

    3. 50

    4. 5-10 minutes.

    (the same results pretty much happen in every game type I try. And I also have the same problem as M Force Virus.)

  • 1. Team Deathmatch

    2. 0

    3. 50

    4. 10 minutes

    Seriously guys you need to fix this, I don't mean to come across as rude but I haven't been able to play at all for days! PLEASE HELP!!!

  • 1.       What playlist (TDM/FFA/Stimulus/etc.) you were searching in.     TDM

    2.       How many potential games were found?  50

    3.       How many good games were found?  4 max.

    4.       How long did it take you to find a match from the time you started searching? 15 minutes.

  • Anyone else notice that on the new maps someone will get single out as a spectator, then when the match starts it just lags and the server boots everyone?? Happened twice to me tonight. Only got to play about 4 unglitchy/ lag-proof games over 3.5 hours. That's seriously sad.

  • Still doesn't solve all the issues for Australians and other remote connections.  A local search like what Treyarch implemented is better.

  • 1. Team Deathmatch but it happens on all game types

    2. 50

    3. between 0 and 3

    4. takes between 10 secs and 5 minutes.

    Before I used to get 50 potential and 20 good games and it would find them in less than 10 seconds

    Can't IW just revert to the old match making system and leave the title changes in there?

    Also, it's not getting better at all. It's still the same. I thought there should be an update/patch before the game got better or is it possible for IW to change the game without issuing an update?

  • Im wondering when we're guna see fulfilment on bringing the long lost ranger maps to HC HQ like was also supposed to happen with this dreaded patch. I have still yet to play terminal, or invasion or any of the maps that were restricted from HC HQ play before.......

  • 1.tdm,mtdm,and ground war


    3.varies between 2 and 6

    4.10 sec to 1 min

  • Seriously guys, fix it, this is pathetic. I paid $AU 400 for an xbox $AU 100 for MW2 and then about $AU 20 for a stupid map pack and what do you guys do? Screw up matchmaking, thats what you do, I really couldn't care less whether I am with an Australian host an American host or a host in Zimbabwe. I just want to play online. Currently I haven't played MW2 in days. If this continues if switching to PS3.

  • 1. Hardcore Stimulus

    2. 50

    3. 1-3

    4. 5-10 minutes (still kinda long, but better than right after the update- 2 days ago I waited 35 minutes and finally gave up since it wasn't finding anything...)

    Bottom Line: Definitely improved from a few days ago, but still not great...

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