Xbox 360 System Update – USB Memory Support

Xbox 360 System Update – USB Memory Support

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Starting at 0200 Pacific on April 6th we’ll be rolling a system update out on Xbox LIVE – to see what time that is for you, click here.  It may take a few hours for everyone to be prompted for the update.


This update allows you to use standard USB Flash drives to store profiles, game saves, etc. like you’ve been able to previously on an Xbox 360 Memory Unit.  We’ve also made the process of transferring large amounts of content much simpler with a multi-select option.  If you’re interested in more details – including screenshots – check out Major Nelson’s blog post from March 26th.

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  • Love the arbitrary 16GB limit. /s Will still be good to be able to carry my gamertag around without having to buy a MU.

  • this is awsome thanks xbox 360 !!! as i just got a new xbox 360 elite i can transfer my files over now which is pirtty awsome

    ps: xbox 360`s rule!!!!

  • This is awesome it will allow me to move a lot of stuff that needed to be moved from my old xbox 360 to my new MW2 xbox 360

  • What about transferring Xbox 1 save data and dlc? Will be able to finally back that data up?

  • This is great news! Thanks Microsoft!

  • Has this broken anyone elses 360? Mine (Arcade w/HDMI) goes fine for about 8 minutes then locks up with black and white patterns across the screen, it was totally fine an hour ago before the update. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, playing a game or just browsing the dashboard, it freezes and has to be turned off and on again at the power button on the front. It was 100% fine before I did the update! *cries*

  • Does not work with my OCZ Rally2.

    Selecting "Configure Now" fails, but selecting "Customize" and picking the full space works. Then, after setup is complete, everything works as expected but if i remove the USB stick (or power cycle my xbox) the USB stick causes my xbox to hang. It hangs espically when accessing the "Storage Devices" screen. While my xbox is hung, if i pull the stick, the xbox snaps back to life immediatly.

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