Original Xbox support on Xbox LIVE ends today

Original Xbox support on Xbox LIVE ends today

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Later today we’ll be turning off the ability for original Xboxes to connect to Xbox LIVE.  It’s the end of an era, and there’s definitely an odd vibe in the air at Xbox HQ right now.  Re-Volt, Ghost Recon, MechAssault, RTCW, Halo 2 and more – we’ll miss you!


We’ve been getting a slow but steady stream of questions about what this means, so I’m going to answer the most common ones here:


Q: Can I still play my original Xbox games offline?

A: Yes!  This disables support for online multiplayer, leaderboards, marketplace and other online features but does not impact offline play.


Q: Does this impact Halo 2 PC?

A: No!  Halo 2 PC will continue unchanged as it’s a Games for Windows – LIVE game and not for the original Xbox.


Q: When will this take effect?

A: On April 15, 2010 (that's today as I type this).  We aren’t saying exactly when we'll be flipping the switch.


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P.S.  For those of you looking for an update on Matchmaking in Modern Warfare 2 – we are continuing to work on making the experience better for everyone.  There isn’t anything I can say today, but stay tuned.

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  • I am getting my Halo 2 back in a couple of days from a friend as I want to replay the Campaign.

    Although you will flip the switch for Xbox Live can I still download the Backwards compatibility update when I insert my disc?


  • @Mitchell You'll be able to download the BC update and play your Xbox games on your 360 after the switch is flipped.

  • @megaplushie Thanks. Nice to know.

  • There is no reason for this. It costs Microsoft pretty much nothing to keep Live up, not that it should matter to Microsofts unlimited pockets.

  • I'm just wondering WHY this is happening?  Is there some technical reason why the xbox1 won't support new xbl features, or....?  There has to be a compelling reason for this.

  • Atleast give us a bit of a heads up before Igor pulls the lever ; )

  • Are you kidding?  They apparently don't care about the people that just bought they're newest, top of the line system to play their best-selling game.  What makes you think they give two shits about the people who still play on a system that's almost 8 years old?

  • I'm guessing even if you put an Xbox 1 games DLC is going to be forever gone after this?

    i.e. it'll never be available for download again?

  • Maintaining Legacy systems hinders the new systems ( yes, Live for Original XBox hinders what they can do with Live for the 360 ) and it costs money...  the fact they have a lot of money, doesn't mean they can throw money away for nothing.

  • And the "Xbox Originals" service for Xbox 360?

    If i already downloaded, for example, Ninja Gaiden Black, and the deleted it... Can i download again after the shutdown service?

  • I would just like to know what the harm in just telling us when it will be shut off is. I just don't get why they need this much secrecy in this matter. What does it matter if we know when it will be shut down.

  • @ trevordj

    You want to know when?


    You want a timestamp?

    Why would you need that?

  • So, after old Xbox Live is dead, can we get our old Xbox Live gamertags back? On old Xbox when you cancelled the name was gone...will they be free?

  • The fact they kept this up for so long says a lot about Microsoft. Servers are servers and they need to have more room - simple as that. Also, if there were still millions of people playing Halo 2, they would not take it down. Those of you who are angry need to really think about this and quit complaining about it.

  • @ Xan

    I never said I needed a timestamp I would just like one. Or I would just like an answer as to why they won't give out a time.

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