Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Update - The Speed of Light Edition

Modern Warfare 2 Matchmaking Update - The Speed of Light Edition

We’ve opened up the hood on Xbox LIVE and tinkered with how matchmaking works for Modern Warfare 2.  It’s not a dramatic change, and the majority of our users won’t see any difference – but a certain subset of you should be happier now.


When you search for a match, our servers sort through the many thousands of available matches to find the “best” potential games for you.  We’ve changed how we determine “best”, and your country is now an even more significant factor than it was before.  What does this mean to you?


As a gamer, you want to play in a lag-free game.  This means that you need to be playing with gamers who are “near you” on the Internet.  This is why games like MW2 ping potential matches to determine how close they are and reject them if they’re too far away.  If you live somewhere that’s geographically isolated – like Australia, for example – most of the world is not near you.  The speed of light just isn’t fast enough (that’s not something I get to say every day).


On behalf of that Australian gamer we’re now trying harder than ever to find a session in their country for them to join.  Of course, this requires there to be games hosted in Australia with open slots at the moment they’re looking – but we’ve maximized the odds of those gamers getting together.


While we can’t beat the speed of light (yet), we do think that these changes have made finding matches in MW2 a better experience.  If it's helped you out we'd love to hear it!

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  • 10th prestiege hackers should be gone...and its common sence that a guy who is 1,000,000 kils and 5 deaths would have a bigger streak than 4 like wtf are you guys thinking. Unless your doing it too but thats like false advertisement to where we could never get to be #1 on leaderboards. Or if you dont care about modders let us know so we can all go do it. Also would be neat to have a reporting system in cod for cod. And the new Gamertag glitch that everyone can change there name with out microsoft knowing?.. use a transfer cable and change its display, one guy changed his to blanks and couldnt even see green or red name on his person

  • Thank you very much. Australian gamers have been sufferring for months having to play on yellow bar games, which has been very frustrating and ended up with many peopl converting to the dark side (Battlefield Bad company 2). Maybe this update will help bring some aussie players back to this game. Also it would be nice if you could reset all the tenth prestige hackers especially my friend iJamie. Pleaase that would be great.

  • is this working for México?

    because I can't find any match in certain game modes such as team deathmatch, Mercenary team deathmatch and search and destroy, but, I can find matches in capture the flag, stimulus, mosh pit.

  • What about latinamerica????? The matchmaking really sucks!! Cool for the aussies but we paid good money too and We feel we deserve some fix too

  • Still can't connect... after 5 minutes it does find a game or two but the "testing matches" % never reach 100% and start over and over

  • The 'fix' has NOT improved things for me in the UK. In fact it was worse this morning when looking for a game.

    I'd be so happy to see it returned to how it was before the update. I'd rather have very quick matchmaking with the occasional lag in a game than the current situation.


  • I would be more than happy with anything near the speed of light!

  • This still don't work properly for Mexico and Latin America. WHAT A SCAM MS!

  • You forget PUERTO RICO, the matchmaking takes forever

  • Since the release of the stimulus package I am unable to find any "good games", whether I choose team deathmatch, ground war, stimulus maps, demolition, it just won't connect me to any game. I don't have a problem joining any friends games in session but what the hell do I do when none of my friends are playing the game?????

    P.S. - I never had a problem prior to purchasing the stimulus package.

  • I have the same problem as above. I cant join any games on my own cept for the ocassional HQ. I had no problems before the stimulus package. its really fustrating. Im irish btw

  • Wt..!!! What happend with Mexico and Latin America, the matchmaking really sucks.....FAIL

  • All I can say is that EVERY game i've joined today (around 50 or so) have lagged so much it was impossible to get more than 4 kills without quitting due to fustration or failed host migration.

  • Well... so far all the update seems to have done is made it take longer for me to get a game. :-/

  • you only considered aussies, what about Mexico and latin america??

    no game since title update this sucks.

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