Are you Reach Ready?

Are you Reach Ready?

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The folks at @XboxSupport have assembled seven tips to help you make sure that you're Reach Ready.  While you're waiting to pick your copy of the game up check them out:

  • Get Reach Ready Tip #1: Test your connection to Xbox LIVE for Noble strength. Any problems, go here:

  • Get Reach Ready Tip #2: Been NOT twiddling your thumbs waiting for Reach? Check ur controllers batteries for full life!

  • Get Reach Ready Tip #3: Your Xbox LIVE Gold subscription’s current -- right?! If unsure check here  

  • Get Reach Ready Tip #4: Not using an Xbox USB to travel w/ ur Gamertag? Make sure it’s properly recovered:

  • Get Reach Ready Tip #5: If you score a Limited Edition Reach console, treat with proper respect- & u might need this:

  • Get Reach Ready Tip #6: Be ready to party up w/ your friends to Deliver Hope!  Issues, check here:

  • Get Reach Ready Tip #7: Follow @XboxSupport for 24-hour Halo: Reach worldwide launch support Sept 13 & 14!

See you on Xbox LIVE!

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  • The usage of 'u' and 'ur' in this document is disappointing.

  • That's because they were originally posted on Twitter, 140 characters can only get you so far.

  • "Noble Strength": is this Halo slang for "is your connection stone dead"? Because I'm not expecting a happy ending.

  • @DN: Yet that's the only abbreviation they used, even on Tweets a lot less than the max.  I reckon it's to target the average Halo user, who only even writes in text speak.  ;-)

  • If you use Twitter a lot, it's a good idea to leave plenty of characters to allow folks to retweet you and comment while they're at it.  So instead of having 140 characters to work with, you suddenly have a lot less...

  • Just wanted to tell everyone at microsoft that  Halo : Reach  is a flop.

    I waited for this game to come out and all i got inreturn was the feeling i was being made fun of.

    1. Halo waypoint wants me to play every crappy halo game ever made or else im incomplete.

    2.  Halo : reach  wants me to play every crappy halo game ever made or else im incomplete.

    3. Halo: reach  keeps showing me the new x-box 360 as if im out of style  

    4. Halo: reach  has too many network problems,  game play is interupted way to often.

    5. More than half the mutiplayer maps are maps i allready played a million times in Halo 2.

    6. I can go back and play Call of duty: modern warfare 2  and not have any ofthese problems.

    7 you guys really need to figure this out because next time i wont buy from microsoft.

  • Old Halo Fan - Go troll somewhere else this is a cool site for tech updates.

  • Yam...     There is nothing cool about Microsoft Ripping me off, so I will post anywhere I can to get the message across.    Xbox live is part of Microsoft so this site is a relevant resource to place this information.  If I can stop just one person from wasting their money on this “TROLL” of a game then my job is done. Don’t take it personally Yam, Microsoft screwed them self starting with ODST, then Waypoint and now Halo: Reach.    This old halo fan is part of a larger group of adult players that felt ripped off when this much anticipated game arrived, and my opinion will not be changed.   Like I said I’ll give my money to other game studios, and I will punish Microsoft by not giving them any money at all.

  • Not taking it personally but if all you view this as is a place to complain you should call 1 800 4MY-XBOX and they can help you.  This is a tech forumn not a customer support site.

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