Today's Xbox 360 Dashboard update

Today's Xbox 360 Dashboard update

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There's a ton of new functionality in this update including Zune Music, ESPN, improved voice chat quality, enhanced Family Settings, and more.  You can find a more complete listing of what's new on Major Nelson's blog.

As with any significant update like this one, some issues are bound to pop up and we're working hard to resolve them.  In particular, we've seen two intermittent issues today:

Problems downloading the new update or new/updated applications like Zune or Netflix.  There are a couple of different error messages that you might get here, and they all mean essentially the same thing - "Please Try Again".

Being asked to pay for content you want to download that you've previously paid for.  If this happens to you, simply decline and repeat the download process.  This problem is intermittent, and typically on another attempt LIVE should recognize that you already own the content and allow you to re-download it for free.

As we make progress against these issues I'll be back to update this post.  Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: Yes, we aware of the Avatar Editor/Marketplace issue and are working on that as well.

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  • Arrgh! Tone the white down you're causing retinal damage, fix the exiting avatar editor crash with a disc in the tray and correct the speech codec. It's seriously duff.

    What was the point in a closed beta and then going live with this????? Is this the Windows ME of the Dashboard or what?

  • Why can't we just change the colour of the "white" pop-up, like we could in the first iteration of XBL? I had a bitchin purple and my bro had a staggering green colour.

  • Was playing Fable 3 last night, froze once, has to reboot, the game kept hanging every so often. This didn't happen before the update.

    120gb elite model

  • Noticing that certain avatar download-able content that I paid for is either not working or missing entirely.

  • I was able to get Netflix to work by deleting my current version and then logging into it on the console so it would re-download the whole thing.

  • Yes, The first and most important concern i have, The Dashboard is way way way to bright, it hurts my eyes, what is up with that?

  • It had an error while attempting to update the Avatar clothing, and many items (particularly unlocked avatar awards) do not appear. There doesn't seem to be any way to re-try this update.

  • Fix the speed, please. Navigating the Guide is tremendously slower than the previous version. I hate the new dashboard too, of course (too bright, not enough information on a single screen, too much extra navigation required to find information previously available), but the speed hit is huge. Slower to open the guide, slower to switch guide panes, slower to navigate within guide panes...

  • The new dashboard isnt letting me open up my friends list, inbox and party chat. Everytime it loads and says status error 80004004... Wish they never updated it

  • I'm having issues with some of the avatar content... IE the hat on my avatar is the wrong model lol, If you look at what's selected in the editor its the Mass Effect 2 Normandy SR2 hat not the mass effect 1 Normandy Crew hat. Looks the same on the console editor and dashboard.

  • I pretty much agree with NightSmkNL about the -extremely- bright white dashboard menus..

    But I personally think the dashboard sound effects are -quieter- and less "THUNK THUNK THUNK" now. GG, guys.

    Also, I apparently had an update go through, but I still have the Xbox Beta section viewable and doesn't really say if I'm -fully- updated or not..

  • @Chappy ...Really? Since the beta ended and new dashboard became official, mine has been much, MUCH faster than it used to be.. Huh.

  • I just hate it tbh. Too bright, slow, clunky. Bit of a waste of my money if you ask me

  • Why do I now suddenly have the status code 80004004 now that I have downloaded the new update. I cant read any messages or view my friends list and it's really getting annoying.

  • I have a big problem with the new update. For one, my XBox Gold account does not remain active, when I log on to Netflix or any online content my Gold account gets disconnected. Also and this is big, I no longer can see all my friends, they all have disappeared from the dashboard. If anyone has any of these issues, please let me know if there is a fix. I sent in a request to support but I know that they will take time to respond.

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