Today's Xbox 360 Dashboard update

Today's Xbox 360 Dashboard update

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There's a ton of new functionality in this update including Zune Music, ESPN, improved voice chat quality, enhanced Family Settings, and more.  You can find a more complete listing of what's new on Major Nelson's blog.

As with any significant update like this one, some issues are bound to pop up and we're working hard to resolve them.  In particular, we've seen two intermittent issues today:

Problems downloading the new update or new/updated applications like Zune or Netflix.  There are a couple of different error messages that you might get here, and they all mean essentially the same thing - "Please Try Again".

Being asked to pay for content you want to download that you've previously paid for.  If this happens to you, simply decline and repeat the download process.  This problem is intermittent, and typically on another attempt LIVE should recognize that you already own the content and allow you to re-download it for free.

As we make progress against these issues I'll be back to update this post.  Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: Yes, we aware of the Avatar Editor/Marketplace issue and are working on that as well.

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  • I'm having an issue with being able to access my download history via the console. I keep[ getting error code 807B01F4. Has only been for the last hour or so that I've had the issue. I'm in the mddle of running the licence transfer & this issue is causing me to add things to my download queue via which is painfully slow

  • I just posted it on Twitter, but I'll put it here too:

    Major props to @XboxSupport and everyone else on the Xbox team for being awesome today! Not everyone realizes there are REAL people there!

    Seriously, fantastic job on all fronts. I managed to get the update, but had some issues and got help via Twitter and in the forums. Clearly all-hands are working hard to iron out all the issues and you're doing a great job

    (Except that slacker Stepto. Running away/ahead to visit Texas. For shame.)

  • I have tried again and again to download the update and it fails and tells me to test my connection. My connection is fine but it still will not update. I am assuming this problem is due to the enormous amount of people attempting to download, but when can i expect to be able to download it for myself?

  • Tell me you didn't just kill my HD-DVD add-on. Tell me please, because I'm about to lose my mind here.

  • Thanks for the update.  I experienced the download issues but just kept trying and it did come down finally.

    Patience is the key for this.

  • The new audio codec sounds robotic and "hissy" for me in party chat. Really hoping something can be done about this as everything else seems to be going well on my end. The issue seems to be affecting quite a few other people too.

  • When you choose game marketplace and quicly press B to go back. The dashboard gets stuck for like 10 seconds before answering to any controls.

  • status code 800072ee2 and 807b01f7.  There was a problem changing you avatar's clothes.

  • I am having loading issues with my games where it freezes and have to reboot the system, this was not happening before the update

  • The audio codec is dramatically flawed. It sounds very tinny and echoey like you are hearing someone stuck in a box. The difference is vast compared to before. People who I have spoken to every day for years, sound like completely different people. It is worth not using voice chat due to how bad it is.

  • playing halo reach live - the update popped up for  kinect we dont have it but it did the update on the dash and now there is no audio at all through tv or headphones-

    tv audio works fine without gaming

  • When I try to customize my vatar I get a message telling me that all clothing needs to be updated and when I select OK I get the following erreo " There was a problem updating your avatars clothes. Status Code: 80072ee2"

  • Getting Error 80072EE2 when updating avatar clothes. I have cleared system cache. Still getting error

  • Please resolve some design things! ALOT of people are complaining about it including me.

    - Dashboard white is too bright! (even more if you have a darker premium theme)

    - Very annoying high pitched dashboard sounds (please let us choose the old once that were just fine)

    - Avatar friend list overview is not pleasant to scroll through. Instead of a smooth curving move the avatars are being lauched out of your screen.

    A few pluspoints go to:

    + New Quickmenu

    + Alot faster dashboard

    + Chat quality

    + New (more adult) avatar design

  • I'm unable to play my purchased Indie Games. Try to play, says i need to update, and then the update fails.

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