Xbox 360 Dashboard Update - The Day After Edition

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update - The Day After Edition

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After a long night of troubleshooting and tweaking by the team, I'm happy to be able to say that your experience on LIVE will be greatly improved today.

Yesterday a number of people were having problems downloading the update, updating the avatars, and re-downloading previously purchased content.  The changes that went in over the last 24 hours have made a world of difference, and we'll continue to watch closely throughout the day.

There were a number of issues raised in the comments of the previous post - we're looking into them, and please keep posting your experiences here as well.


Want to watch ESPN using your 360 on Time Warner Cable? See ESPN's FAQ.

Yesterday we had a handful of reports of in-game freezes - is anyone still seeing that?  If so, what game and at what point?

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  • I have four avatar items that show as "no longer available" for re-download on and no longer work in avatar editor. The are the same four items that made my conversion error out. Each item was obtained by using a code.

    A grill prop for the Arcade Block party.

    A bing t-shirt.

    A chocobo pet given out for the Final Fantasy XIII tweet promo.

    A PSICOM raider given out for registering Final Fantasy XIII

  • Guys, this update is TERRIBLE.

    1. the white is so bright that it's painful to look at! the guide menu is killing me.

    2. I can only see 2-3 friends at a time on the friends menu now, and the animation gives me motion sickness!

    3. the party chat sounds horrible! I thought you were improving this, not breaking it!

    4. I can't boot to disc! I have to see this crappy interface every time!

    How did this make it thru a beta without all of these issues being raised?!

  • The update is extremely positive overall, but there are a few mistakes that are just head scratchingly weird.

    1) The white guide background. Why was this approved? Even with a properly calibrated television this is incredibly hard on the eyes. Mix this with a dark room and it's just blinding. All we want is the option to pick some different (darker) colors, or give us the option to use the old blue.

    2) XBLIG - Get that stuff into the forefront. As a XBLIG developer it is just painful to see that shoved so far back.

    Please, over anything, fix the white background for the guide Microsoft. You can keep white default, but give us some different colors to pick from. Heck, I'd even pay for it at this point.

  • Sure the new dashboard looks fresh but it also looks like windows 98 on high contrast setting. Is windows 98 a step forward? Please give us the option to change the colour scheme to something to our individual taste. How this got past the beta stage is beyond me. I want my old dash back!

  • Have you looked at the Netflix auto scrolling bug (where every few seconds the instant queue scrolls to one particular movie)?  I had this in the preview and even after the release yesterday it's still there. Makes browsing your instant queue impossible.

  • Still unable to access account information to renew Gold membership (within the Xbox dashboard or using a web browser on the Xbox Live website). Just get errors saying unable to connect.

  • @Drew - That's a known issue for some users that will be fixed soon but is unrelated to the Dashboard changes.  If you can't wait for the fix you can call Xbox Support and they'll help you out.

  • Yeah. The WHITE has to go man. I want the old dash back. Also... the DEFAULT menu should be the GAME menu. Why I have to press UP on my controller to get to the main menu every time I turn my console on is ridiculous. Then UP 3 more times to see my friends? Put that stuff next to each other... forget this AD crap all over the place.

  • @tripwire Boot-to-disk will be coming back in a future update:

  • 1. Please let us change the color of the guide menu. It just kills my eyes.

    2. Who thought it was a good idea to remove "new arrivals" from the marketplace front?

    3. I thought the "re-asign controller" option was coming on this update =( its really annoying having to turn off the console just to reasing controller from player 2 to player 1.

  • @-e-

    I was in the beta when I unlocked the pinball fx2 awards so I can not answer but they won't allow you to equip them as they show up as [!] in the dashboard, deleted avatar cache and rebooted box went back into avatar editor it refreshed and still no go.

  • I feel the dashboard update is quite slow compared to last update plz fix this because it feels like it laggy..  Proff is just use the dashboard..

  • A complete step backwards in terms of user friendliness and aesthetics.  Bright white with sharp contrast.  The replacement of the 3D blades with 2D boxes only showing half the material.  Don't even think about pressing either of the bumper buttons if your prone to motion sickness.  Zero customization options for menus or the dashboard in general, because obviously how your virtual character looks compared to how everything around it functions is much more important.

    Really? This is the best that one of the most powerful and influential companies of our time can come up with.  We're doomed.

  • 1. I think everyone agrees that there are issues here but there's no reason to berate MS in a blog that's ASKING for creative criticism. Yes, the white guide is annoying. Yes, the entire guide now looks like a placeholder for something better. Yes, we want options for color schemes. But we shouldn't be rude about mentioning those things.

    2. I agree that I miss the "New Releases" part of Marketplace. It's where I went every day after work to see the newest videos, add-ons and arcade games. I really wish that was front and center again.

    3. I haven't tried voice chat but I did get 13 messages from people on my friend's list, all complaining about it. These were messages sent to everyone on their friend's list, explaining that they wouldn't party up to play Halo: Reach, Fable 3, or any other co-op games until it's fixed. I sincerely hope that it's not THAT bad.

    I hope these issues are being addressed daily, in meetings, by the dev crew. I have faith in the people behind XBL. More of you should too.

  • Still unable to recover gamertag. Getting very stressed now

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