Issues with Xbox LIVE earlier today

Issues with Xbox LIVE earlier today

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Earlier today members were disconnected from Xbox LIVE and found themselves unable to log back in.  This impacted LIVE users on Xbox 360 consoles, those running Zune & Games for Windows LIVE software on PCs, and Windows Phone.

This began just after 9AM Pacific and was resolved roughly two hours later.

The root cause of this outage was human error.  A change resulted in an interruption to normal traffic flow within our datacenters, which logged users out and prevented them from logging back in.  We’re sorry for this, and we’ll be updating our processes to prevent this from happening again in the future. 

If and when issues do occur, we’ll keep you updated through the Status page on and from @XboxSupport on Twitter.

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  • Thanks for the update!

  • wow, first post on this blog in 11 months...

  • These outages seem to be on a weekly basis, good that its up again though!

  • @steve in a tech issue world... "no news is good news"

  • `we’ll be updating our processes to prevent this` So basically someone got fired! Just kidding! It`s great to see it resolved so quickly you guys do a great job keeping all these users connected 24 7, I certainly don`t mind an hour or two of down time.. Even though I was asleep during it this time around.

  • Thanks E You and your guys are doing a great job. I love the service.

  • 2 questions, please E.

    What does that mean, in English.

    Will you no longer be releasing demos for popular games, as they seem to be the cause of recent outages.

  • Thanks for the update, it's good to see the active support from you guys, when you could've simply sorted it out without us knowing a thing, and just left wondering. (:

  • Next up is having the Xbox 360 system software detecting this and stop asking users to reboot their routers/modems and/or opening port 3074.

  • It said to go to the support page on and even THAT was down. ARGH!

  • Thank you for the update Eric.  I was taken to this blog from IGN.

  • Looks like there was more to this. A lot of us were hacked!

  • Obviously they got their server with all our freakin' Live Passport authentication information on it, h4x0r3d and everything we have in to our Live experience is now a liability and we are all at jepordy!! Just tell us what actually happened this morning! Go ahead and use big words and stuff if you want because a lot of us could probably decipher...

  • Well, I'm not on my Xbox 360 24/7 like I used to be, so this didn't really affect me.

  • @thomas yes! i had my account hacked as well and no word from microsoft support so far.

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