Issues with Xbox LIVE earlier today

Issues with Xbox LIVE earlier today

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Earlier today members were disconnected from Xbox LIVE and found themselves unable to log back in.  This impacted LIVE users on Xbox 360 consoles, those running Zune & Games for Windows LIVE software on PCs, and Windows Phone.

This began just after 9AM Pacific and was resolved roughly two hours later.

The root cause of this outage was human error.  A change resulted in an interruption to normal traffic flow within our datacenters, which logged users out and prevented them from logging back in.  We’re sorry for this, and we’ll be updating our processes to prevent this from happening again in the future. 

If and when issues do occur, we’ll keep you updated through the Status page on and from @XboxSupport on Twitter.

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  • @Will:  Bad idea to fire someone who just learned a valuable lesson at considerable company expense. Not the desired way to learn something, but at least you shouldn't prevent the company from learning from its mistakes.

  • Does this also have anything to do with the fact that I cant sign up for zune pass ?

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  • That explains why I could not log in. I thought it was local provider.

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  • We pay a lot of money for live it safe ......or is this just the start of a shitty service. For me it makes me think of changing to the ps4 on release .....I hav been gaming for over 25 years and to think of all the consoles I have had ......none of them had to be online at all times such as the socalled 720 ..............we welcome the ps4

  • Updates from this blog have slowed considerably.

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