October, 2005

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This blog is written by employees of Microsoft. 

  • Tony Hynes (Bastelyon), Online Community Lead Mgr, Xbox Global Mktg
  • Cesar Menendez (cesarisok), Online Community Mgr, Xbox Global Mktg
  • John Porcaro (stalalem), Group Mgr, PR & Communications, Xbox Global Mktg
  • Michael Wolf, PR Manager, Xbox Live and Games for Windows, Xbox Global Mktg

Even though we do our best to make sure this information is accurate, the views and expressed by each employee are their own, and may not reflect the position of the company. 

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    Forbes Magazine touts "Sundance on the Xbox"

    Forbes today features a story on Xbox Live Arcade and the service’s burgeoning relationship with small game developers. “Sundance On The Xbox – Small game developers have an unlikely ally in Microsoft.” It begins with the story of Steve Taylor, creator...
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