Hey there, everypeoples. Cesar here (back from break). A buddy at work sent over a very interesting Financial Times editorial (requires registration) called "The future is here - and it works." A very optimistic peice, the author talks about the simultaneous exponential growth of processing power - Moore's Law, the rapid drop in price, and specifically, what this could mean for our daily lives.

In an anecdote which could prove much more scintillating than the author intends, they say "Had it been around as recently as 1998, the latest Xbox games console, available for $399, would have ranked as the world's fastest supercomputer." That is to say, better than anything NASA, Microsoft or IBM labs had back then.

I did some research into this, and right now, the world's fastest supercomputer appears to be the IBM Blue Gene/L, clocking speeds of 280 teraflops. Xbox 360 packs approximately 1.15 teraflops. (one trillion floating point operations per second). Now sure, my Xbox 360 while xbox isn't built to be a supercomputer, what we have in the Xbox 360 is a hyper-powerful machine, and it's exponential changes in computing that makes it possible.

And of course, I'd love to share with you The Microsoft Perspective on Where High Performance Computing is Heading

What do you think? Tawk amongst yourselves.