There are smart and savvy gamers out there. Folks who know exactly what to do with a statement that starts with something like “I have a friend who works with a guy who knows a girl on the Xbox team responsible for backwards compatibility and I heard that. . . “ To you folks, I say: I love you guys. This message is not for you. It’s for those, “other” folks.

Let me clear up a few things here:

  • The Backwards Compatibility team is still working on adding your title to the list. Just because David Reid said (back in December?!) that they were going on vacation, doesn’t mean that all BC efforts have been halted.
  • No, I don’t have a specific date when your game will be on the list. If someone told you a date, file it under our favorite category, rumor and speculation.” You know, not based in truth. A-factual. Sans vérité (which is French for “I know a little French and you don’t” ;)

So how did this all start? Probably from a December interview on Larry Hryb’s Major Nelson Radio podcast, Dec 11 (show #154).  In it, director of Xbox global marketing, David Reid, offered that the updates will be available sometime in the spring.  But nobody said things were on hold.  About 45 minutes into the show: 

David: “This is a process where there will be constant improvement.  People are working on a regular basis to get these things going.  Now I will tell you that that two-and-a-half week period is something that you may see happen again, but right now, I’ve got a lot of guys going home on vacation, and you’re not going to see another one in December.  We are looking at the spring, for those top games that we want to get up there, and you’re going to see more of this happening in the future.”   
Larry: “That’s good to know, because I know a lot of people were thrilled when the saw the list, and they were like, “wow,” in fact some people said “we weren’t expecting this until March.”  You kind of came through with an early present…” 

Yes, Veronica, this is how rumors get started.