A shout out to some members of the Xbox dev team, who just started up a new blog.  Like ours, I expect it to evolve as new members get accounts and make posts.  So, who are these guys? 

Welcome to the Xbox Team blog!  Now that Xbox 360 has been out there and is being enjoyed by a ton of people, a couple of us here on the Xbox team at Microsoft thought we'd give the community an inside scoop on what it's like working here.  We'd also like to share tips & tricks for Xbox 360.  Maybe we'll even be able to share some technical info about how the features you're using right now were made.

Some of you are probably wondering how we are related to
Major Nelson.  At Microsoft, Larry works on the Xbox Live team, while we work on the Xbox Base Software team.  In the blogosphere, Larry's been doing an awesome job commenting on goings-on in the industry and I hope he continues to do so!  We want this site to let the community be a bit more personal with the people that built Xbox 360.  Hopefully you'll see posts from lots of team members from all over the Xbox organization.

Nice to have you guys in the blogosphere!