Our friend CliffyB, (Gears of War game designer at Epic Games) jumps into the conversation as he blogs about whether gamers really want entirely original content.  There seems to be a bit of a resurgence of classic games; and in this industry, sequels (typically) are the rule rather than the exception.  Cliff explains that it’s not quite as simple as choosing one over another.  From his entry called "beautiful, unique...and lonely snowflake:"

gearsofwar.jpg…Sometimes, the more unique your game and universe design the more difficult it can be for millions of gamers - ranging from hardcore to casual - to latch onto your game mechanics and characters. […]

Unreal was Quake with color, unique weapons, and more open ended worlds. Halo was Unreal/Quake with vehicles and great controls on a new console - marketed like mad.

The bottom line is we need to hit from both ends. We need Ico and System Shock as much as we need Madden and Burnout. 

Then, every so often, a game hits on both accounts. And you have a GTA.

So, to bring things full circle to the game I'm actually working on. …”

Gears of War is going to be an awesome game.  From the time I first saw in-game play, I’ve been impatiently waiting for “Emergence Day.” 

I love hearing how passionate Cliff is about the game, and about the craft of creating it.  But more than that, I love seeing that he cares enough about gamers to share his thoughts with us along the way.