I just saw that BusinessWeek has posted a new story about Sony’s PS3 business, "This PlayStation May Play Too Much", by Tokyo-based Kenji Hall.  Accompanying the story is an article called "Can Sony's Kutaragi Score Big?".


The articles recognizes the importance of this launch to Sony, and take a look at everything that the PS3 promises to be: What sort of box is this?  It could be a PC but Sony hopes it will be a PlayStation3”. ...  "Six years in the making, the PS3 is a crucial component of Sony's strategy to dominate the digital home with a full lineup of super-sharp TVs and other gear."


The story also points out the risk Sony’s taking by making the machine a living-room Swiss Army knife.  “With all its features, the PS3 might indeed help Sony in its battle for the living room as rivals roll out their own digital-entertainment hubs. Unless, of course, all consumers really want is a simple game machine.”

Don’t get me wrong.  Nobody thinks the PS3 will fail in the marketplace like the PSX did.  And I think the digital entertainment features of the Xbox 360 are pretty amazing.  But for those who love playing games, Sony needs to make sure that the PS3 is a great game console, at a price gamers can afford.