Wednesday night, Peter Moore spoke at the Churchill Club.  Brendan Sinclair from Gamespot was there to do a thorough report called "Industry Icons Get Connected", and to take it a step further, Gamespot posts a video of the event.  Worth watching! 

Peter Moore mentions in the speech:

“In the future, if your console isn't connected, it's no different than a laptop that doesn't connect to the Internet," Moore said. "It's an inferior experience and it really is a step backwards for the industry... Offline seems primitive at this point." 

Sony Online’s Roph Koster added his thoughts: 

"…People always play games together. All of you learned to play games with each other. When you were kids, you played tag, tea parties, cops and robbers, what have you. The single-player game is a strange mutant monster which has only existed for 21 years and is about to go away because it is unnatural and abnormal."

I like the way that Sinclair wraps up the article, referring to how interconnected things will be, between publisher and consumer. 

"That move to digital distribution is just one in a series of transitions to a connected era the industry is currently undergoing. Moore could easily have been addressing the sum of those changes when he referred to the Xbox 360 as "a living entertainment experience powered by human energy," but it seemed every member of the panel foresaw a gaming industry where the publishers and the games themselves were much more closely integrated with the consumers."

This type of connection is what fascinates me about being part of the community team here at Microsoft.  We’re just scratching the surface when it comes to “integration.”  Hopefully, we’re able to start sharing information and ideas in forums like this blog, as we make steps to build the systems that will be the foundation of games for decades to come: