A while ago, I wrote about my love/need for narrative in video games. Not everyone agrees. For those somewhat unfamiliar with the topic, let me sum up. There are two schools of thought here: keep story in, or. . .  wait for it. .  . wait for it. . . . take story out. Complicated, I know. Next Gen posts an article today about the importance of narrative in video games. A character's motivation. "Game Devs: Hire more Writers." Um, or don't.  

Having just finished DOA4, I'm restating my position: best games in my book will incorporate a compelling story-line to get me hooked. But I would add to this, in light of David Jaffe's point: what's the point of a good movie halfway through your game if the game sucks? For me, a good ending is only part of the appeal in a video game. I also want to blow up stuff.