Lots of coverage on the goings-on at DICE.  I’m waiting for some more info from our folks down in Las Vegas. 

BTW, Jade Empire scored two of the Interactive Achievement Awards last night, for RPG of the Year, and Outstanding Character Performance, Female.  And congrats to God of War, Nintendogs, Guitar Hero, and the other winners!

For now, here are some highlights from James Brightman, over at GameDaily.com

D.I.C.E.: Microsoft Must Drive PC Game Sales, says Moore

Microsoft's Peter Moore... summarized Microsoft's view on PC gaming, saying that MS needs to drive sales with a unified brand and their upcoming Windows Vista. He also briefly talked about Xbox 360; the console's availability is expected to improve soon. 

Moore outlined several important problems facing the PC games sector, including consumer confusion at retail, arduous install processes, lack of a cohesive online solution, and the need for a unified brand; that unification starts with Games for Windows, of course.

The priority for Vista will be to make games more accessible. Moore emphasized 5 goals that should make gaming on Vista vastly improved: 1) Games explorer - easy finding games; 2) Easy install - make this easier and games more like plug and play in console; 3) More stable environment; 4) Family settings - Control of what content can be viewed when and where; and 5) Managed login. [...]

Although the speech focused on PC gaming, Moore did talk about the Xbox 360 somewhat. He once again defended the decision to launch globally and he promised that within the next 4-6 weeks consumers would actually be able to walk into a store and easily purchase the new console. He then highlighted the success of Xbox Live on 360 (54 percent of owners use the service) and Xbox Live Arcade, which has had 2 million downloads. Moore was asked about persistent online worlds coming to the 360 in a Q&A session that followed and he said that that may be forthcoming. "Our teams are looking at that seriously. I think (persistent worlds/MMOs) it's still the realm of the PC; however, we may have something to talk about soon."

D.I.C.E.: Microsoft Must Drive PC Game Sales, says Moore (GameDaily) 

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