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February, 2006

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About Engineering@Xbox

The Engineering@Xbox blog is owned and operated by members of the Xbox LIVE and Xbox 360 engineering team.  We post about how we build Xbox related products and services.

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    Online status and notifications

    A user asks: " It would be nice if it was possible to deactivate the notifications for DVD playback. (but make them still appear if you play games ) " What I do when I'm watching DVDs is to set my online status to Busy. That disables all the online...
  • Xbox Engineering

    The Xbox Operating System

    Sorry it's been a while since my last post - blogging is hard to keep up with, especially when it's not your job. I'm off to Japan next week, so it will probably be another week of silence before you hear from me again. One of the first questions I get...
  • Xbox Engineering

    The Console Charge Mode explained

    I could not find any article in explaining the console charge mode, so here it goes: If the console is turned off while a wireless controller using a rechargeable battery pack is connected to the console via a Play & Charge cable, then...
  • Xbox Engineering

    Multiparty Chat

    Since Xbox 360's launch, I've been trolling various message boards for feedback about my biggest feature: voice chat. This post made the previous year of my life completely worth every minute. There's something to be said about the power of Xbox Live...
  • Xbox Engineering

    On software development

    A reader of this blog asks "how you go about deciding the priorities of features for XBox Live? Is it just like any other software development life cycle? Or is there something unique to the 'gaming' industry?" Yes and yes. At the core, there is a...
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    The Play & Charge Cable

    There was a good question I saw in my last post: "Why could the play & charge cable not be designed to transmit information over the cable?" For those who have not been initiated, the Play & Charge Cable can be used with an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller...
  • Xbox Engineering

    Favorite Features?

    If you have a favorite feature you've been dieing to know more about, here's your chance. Let us know the features you're interested in learning about - how they were designed & implemented, etc. I'll see if I can round up the folks responsible...
  • Xbox Engineering

    Welcome, Wilkommen, Bienvenido...

    Welcome to the Xbox Team blog! Now that Xbox 360 has been out there and is being enjoyed by a ton of people, a couple of us here on the Xbox team at Microsoft thought we'd give the community an inside scoop on what it's like working here. We'd also like...
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