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March, 2006

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About Engineering@Xbox

The Engineering@Xbox blog is owned and operated by members of the Xbox LIVE and Xbox 360 engineering team.  We post about how we build Xbox related products and services.

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    Ask and Ye Shall Receive

    Sorry for the hiatus - lots going on in Xbox-land, what with GDC going on and all our projects are moving ahead full steam regardless of that, too. I was watching G4's Attack of the Show online and someone mentioned that the Xbox team had moved on to...
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    "Live" is our word!

    Kutaragi-san , games have been "Live" since 2002. Please find your own buzzword, kthx.
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    Our Development Environment

    By now, you have probably seen many interviews in the gaming press that laud the environment Xbox development kits provide for building games: many studios such as id software now use it as their primary development environment for their next generation...
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    New System Update for Xbox 360

    There is a new System Update available for your Xbox 360. The official announcement says: “The March 2006 Xbox 360™ update will prepare your Xbox 360 console for future system and title updates.” You will automatically receive this update the next...
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