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June, 2006

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The Engineering@Xbox blog is owned and operated by members of the Xbox LIVE and Xbox 360 engineering team.  We post about how we build Xbox related products and services.

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    Digimask and Xbox Live Vision

    The Team Xbox crew recently sat down for an interview with Digimask . The article is a good read, but what I find exciting are the images they captured for the in-game players. These are awesome! I have an affinity for the camera as I was part of the...
  • Xbox Engineering

    New System Update & More Backwards Compat Games

    We posted two updates last night. New System Update: This update has no new features. It only addresses a font issue that consoles with a language set to Chinese would have seen. (System Version for this new update is 2.0.2858) There...
  • Xbox Engineering

    Clearing the System Cache

    With the release of the Spring Update we did provide a way for our product support engineers to help users diagnose and clear content from their system cache. This is most useful for the engineers to help those who are unable to download a game update...
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    Personal Gamer Pictures

    Some of the questions I’ve seen asked a lot: “What is the deal with personal gamer pictures?” “Does this require the Xbox Live Vision camera?” The personal gamer picture is a new feature enabled with the Spring Update. You do not need the Xbox Live...
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    Introductions and the Spring System Update

    Hello Everyone, My name is Daryl Welsh, (GT: IndieGames). I’m the Test Manager for Xbox Console and Digital Entertainment Software. Today I am excited to talk about the next evolution of Xbox software we are releasing soon. It has been a challenge...
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