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August, 2006

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About Engineering@Xbox

The Engineering@Xbox blog is owned and operated by members of the Xbox LIVE and Xbox 360 engineering team.  We post about how we build Xbox related products and services.

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    New Backwards Compatibility Update (Version 1.5)

    Today an update for Backwards Compatibility was released via Xbox Live. Below is a list of the titles affected by this release. By the way this is the largest update of new titles (39) since Launch of Xbox 360 last year.. Title Name...
  • Xbox Engineering

    Licensing and Xbox Live Marketplace content

    Over the past few months, forumers have reported issues with certain content items functioning improperly. Prevalent among these issues was the report that their purchased content was no longer being recognized as “purchased” by their boxes. The reason...
  • Xbox Engineering

    PAL video settings and HDTV

    Hey folks, My name is Kevin Meyer (gamertag: doulWeapons) and I'm on the test team for some of the Xbox 360's system software like the dashboard and the guide. I'm going to talk a little bit about the exciting world of PAL video modes! Well, maybe...
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