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October, 2006

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About Engineering@Xbox

The Engineering@Xbox blog is owned and operated by members of the Xbox LIVE and Xbox 360 engineering team.  We post about how we build Xbox related products and services.

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    Fall '06 Supported Video Formats

    As you may have heard, with the Xbox 360 Flash Fall 2006 System Update we are adding support for WMV video playback from new sources. Videos can be streamed from a PC running Windows Media Connect, Windows Media Player 11, or the new Zune client player...
  • Xbox Engineering

    The Xbox 360 November '06 Fall Update is heading your way

    Hello everyone, Wow, only 5 months have passed since we first posted about the Spring update. The release process never seems to slow down but as tired as we all are, I’m still excited to be talking about our third major update to our system software...
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