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December, 2008

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    Enable syntax highlighting for TR1 headers in VS2008 SP1

    Unfortunately, VS2008 SP1 doesn't recognize C++ tr1 headers. That means there are no syntax highlighting and no intellisense for these files. This is a bug, but you can fix it by yourself. The trick is in the registry. VS maintains a list of extensionless...
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    VC extensions list

    MSDN has a page describing various VC extensions. But it is far from complete. I've collected a list of nonstandard extensions provided by VC, some of them are evil . If you want to write standard conformant C++ code, you'd better be aware of these...
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    Contiguousness of STL containers and string

    In C++, it is well-known that the data in the vector is contiguous. To be more specific, here is the quotation from the standard (C++03, 23.2.4/1) The elements of a vector are stored contiguously, meaning that if v is a vector<T, Allocator> where...
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