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January, 2012

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    System.Uri doesn’t allow embedded escaped slashes

    I use C# a lot to write small utilities and sometimes find that it is annoying to have to dig into the source code to figure out why .Net framework doesn’t work as I expected. This happens again when I am using LinkedIn API (BTW, this is the first occurence...
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    Speed up iostream

    Throughput of iostream is considered much slower compared with its C counterpart. For example: printf( "1234567\n" ); cout << "1234567" << endl; If you iterate 10 5 times, printf takes about 50ms while cout takes >1s. This looks...
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    Protected or Private II

    Someone reminds me that it has been nearly 2 years since my last blog post. How time flies! Many things happened during this period. I moved to Redmond and I’m now officially working on C++ compiler. The work is busy and also challenging. ...
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