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  • Blog Post: System.Uri doesn’t allow trailing dot

    Again, System.Uri tries to be smart and does something on my behalf :-( This time, the victim is trailing dot (which is common in wiki pages). See this connect bug for details. The workaround is similar to the one described in this post . The only difference is that we need 'GenericUriParserOptions...
  • Blog Post: System.Uri doesn’t allow embedded escaped slashes

    I use C# a lot to write small utilities and sometimes find that it is annoying to have to dig into the source code to figure out why .Net framework doesn’t work as I expected. This happens again when I am using LinkedIn API (BTW, this is the first occurence of such experience). LinkedIn API allows you...
  • Blog Post: Magic behind ValueType.Equals

    In "Effective C#", Bill Wagner says "Always create an override of ValueType.Equals() whenever you create a value type". His main consideration is the performance, because reflection is needed to compare two value types memberwisely. In fact, the framework provides optimization for "simple" value type...
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