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I'm a developer at C++ team. I'm interested in everything related to C++

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  • Blog Post: IDA Pro 5.3 Demo is released

    IDA Pro is the world-class disassembler. It's a very useful reverse engineering tool. Now the demo of the newest version 5.3 is available: IDA Pro 5.3 demo download You can also try the freeware version (a little out of date): IDA Pro 4.9 Freeware
  • Blog Post: Obfuscate your code

    Obfuscation is widely used to protect your code from reverse engineering. Here is one example which takes advantage of indirected call and opcode overlap in X86: __declspec ( naked ) void Fun1() { __asm { //obfuscation chunk call LABEL1 LABEL1: pop eax add eax, 6 jmp eax //real function body ret } }...
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