Hello again! We've had a lot of activity on the communities board around an issue with NEF files, saved in 12 bit compression from D300 cameras. They crash Expression Media on Windows machines. People have downloaded the newest codec, but unless you set a registry key to force Media to use WIC rather than the Nikon library, that will have no affect. To resolve this issue:

1. Go to Start --> Run and type in regedit on XP or type regedit in the search box on Vista

2. Navigate to HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Expression\Media\1.0

3. On the Edit menu, click New --> String value setting the name at WICExclude

4. Double-click on the string value entry and set the string to

5. Click OK

With this value set, Expression Media will rely on Windows Imaging Component for import, and you be able to import your NEF files. Note: The newest codec is also required. It was written for Windows Vista, but seems to work fine on Windows XP. You can download and install the codec from http://www.nikonimglib.com/nefcodec/.