One little utilized feature of Expression Media is versioning - you will find it hidden in the Expression Media Image Editor. It's easy to keep multiple versions of your images and revert to them any time you like. For instance, you accidentally saved your master file after cropping or flattening it. If you are accessing your image editor through Expression Media, and have set up versioning, you can return to the earlier version with no harm done.

To get started, you need to set up a folder to save your versions in. Start the image editor and click the setup button at the bottom.


Now click on the little folder Icon to select (or create) the folder you want to use for versions. Make sure that you use a different folder for each catalog.

imageIf you are using Expression Media's Image Editor, you can start making changes and Expression Media will track each of them. Every time you save from the image editor, Expression Media will create a new version file. You can switch back and forth between the current version (by default the latest saved) and any of the previous versions. If you click on one of the previous versions and click the swap icon, it will make that version the current version.

If you are using Photoshop or another editor, before you open the file in your imaging program, you want to open the Expression Media Image Editor and click the little + mark beside the current version line. That prompts Expression Media to save a backup of the current version for you. Then right click your image and open in your helper app. Make any changes you need to, and save. Back in Expression Media, you can now switch back and forth between your edited and previous versions, just as if you had edited the image in Media.

The one caveat here is that before you edit in your helper app again, you must save another backup. Otherwise you will lose the current version when you save. If you click on "Current Version" and see a + mark to the left, you haven't saved a backup of that version.

Just as you would expect, if you click the trash can next to a version, you delete that backup file.

So... How does it work? The Version Control folder maintains a log of the items added and removed from the folder, with the name of the original file and, the backup file name and details of each version saved. When you swap, Expression Media simply swaps the media file with your chosen backup. When a catalog is closed, Expression Media automatically purges version control files for entries that have been removed from the catalog. The size of the folder will grow, depending on the size and number of copies of files. We recommend keeping the folder on a volume that has plenty of storage space.