Hi everyone,

First, just a refresher on the NEF issue... When you import 12-bit compressed NEF files from the D300 into Expression Media, the application crashes. This has been a big issue on the communities discussion, and I know it affects a lot of people who read this blog. Originally, we posted instructions to set Expression Media 1.0 SP1 to use WIC for image rendering, by setting a registry key.

It's come to our attention that by using the workaround, you may not see the color profile info for your JPEG files. Some of you want to leave other kinds of files to be handled by QuickTime, but use WIC for your NEF files only. This can be accomplished by using the same registry key, but setting the value of the key differently as follows:

1. Go to Start --> Run and type in regedit on XP or type regedit in the search box on Vista

2. Navigate to HKey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Expression\Media\1.0

3. On the Edit menu, click New --> String value setting the name at WICExclude

4. Double-click on the string value entry and set the string to 

5. Click OK

Just to make sure that you can see what the resulting key should look like in the registry editor, I'll include a screen shot:


Hope this helps!