Info PanelIf you've ever gotten tired of scrolling through the default list of fields in the Info or Organize panels in Expression Media, there is good news.  Both of these panels can be customized to show only the fields that you use in your workflow.  If you use different field sets with different sets of images, you can also quickly switch between saved configurations.

To bring up the "Show/Hide Fields" dialog for the Info panel, click the "Configure List" button (circled in red in the screen shot on the right) and choose "Show/Hide Fields."  In this dialog, you can clear checkboxes for fields which you do not use.

To save a configuration, click the "Configure List" button and choose "Save this configuration as."  Give the configuration a meaningful name and click OK.

Now that you've saved a configuration, it will be displayed Templates section of the "Configure List" drop-down and you can easily switch between templates by choosing one from the drop-down.

Organize Panel Similar functionality is also available in the Organize Panel.  Just as in the Info panel, click the "Configure List" button (circled in red on the left) and choose "Show/Hide Fields" to display the dialog.  You can then clear or check boxes depending on whether you want that field to be available for organizing your media assets.  Using this dialog can also be useful since some Organize fields are turned off by default.

The Organize panel does not have templates like the Info panel, but you can save a default configuration by using the "Save as Default" item in the Configure List menu.  If you make some changes and want to revert back to your default, click the "Load Default" menu item.