The Beta of Expression Media 2 is now available for download!  Betas are also available for the other Expression Studio 2 products.  You can find more information on each of the new products and information on how to download them at the following link:

Expression Media 2 Beta is a preview release of Expression Media 2.  If you are already running Expression Media 1, you can install Expression Media 2 Beta without uninstalling Expression Media 1.  The two versions will run side by side on your computer.  Expression Media 2 Beta will expire on July 1st, 2008.

The following items are new in Expression Media 2 Beta:

  • Support of new file formats
  • Improved network performance
  • Updates to the Info and Organize panels
  • Hierarchical keywords
  • Improved performance
  • Windows Live Virtual Earth positioning
  • Multi-monitor Light Table
  • Changed QuickTime functionality (Windows only)
  • Windows Imaging Components (Windows only)
  • Catalog media from storage devices using Autoplay (Windows only)
  • Quick Look support on Leopard (Mac only)

For a complete list and description of what's new in Expression Media 2 and to download, please visit the following URL:

Please report any technical issues that you find while using the product.  We hope that you enjoy the improvements and new features which are part of the beta!