The following list includes the issues which we are currently aware of in Expression Media 2 Beta. Many of the issues in the following list are planned to be fixed by the final release of Expression Media 2. If you run into any additional issues, please let us know by emailing


***Issues on Windows and Macintosh platforms***

Unable to import Nikon D3/D300 NEF files


On the Windows platform install the Nikon codec from


GPS data lost when converting images (No workaround)


XML generated by Expression Media 2 on the Mac doesn’t import into Expression Media for Windows and vice versa


The paths are stored different on each platform. To make this work cross platform please check the “Use POSIX encoding for paths” option when exporting as XML.


***Issues on Windows platform***

Unable to import Canon CRW/CR2 files


Install the Canon codec from


Unable to import Kodak DCR files (No workaround)


Unable to import Adobe DNG files


Install the ArdFry codec from


Folders do not update when folder watching is enabled (No workaround)


Image Editor is missing the following features: Rotate, Red eye, Duotone, Saturation, & Color Balance (No workaround)


HTML Gallery crashing on creation (No workaround)


Unable to use PDF Maker (No workaround)


Watermarking images in either HTML gallery or Send Email fails (No workaround)


Make Contact Sheet has incomplete options (No workaround)


Light Table closes when Expression Media is minimized (No workaround)


MP3 does not play sound from catalog (No workaround)


Prompt to install QuickTime appears after saving a Slide Show as a Movie
(No Workaround)


HTML template created in Expression Web doesn’t show in HTML Gallery template dropdown


1. Right click on the folder created by Expression Web and click Properties

2. On the Customize tab click "Documents" from the Use this folder type as a template dropdown. You should now be able to see the folder in the xMedia HTML template list


“Rename Using Text File” script fails silently


Check the text file specified for invalid characters such as quotes, colons, or other symbols.


Part of file extension dropped when using “Import from Disk / Camera” to import items


When copying a file that contains a file extension greater than 3 such as the docx format, Expression Media will drop off the 4th character of the file when imported from a thumb drive / memory stick. The workaround is to copy the file locally first and then import it for these types of files.


AVI movies are converted to MPEG-4 format without sound when using “Convert Movie Files” feature (No workaround)


MPEG movies are converted to MOV format without sound when using “Convert Movie Files” feature (No workaround)


***Issues on Macintosh platform***

Crash when importing Office 2008 or RTF file


As far as we are aware, this issue only occurs on Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)


HTML Gallery hangs on creation (No workaround)