This is the first in a series of short blog entries on Expression Media 2, and what we in support think are the best features.

My favorite bar none is the new Light Table. I use Light Table extensively when editing a shoot. It's the best way to closely inspect and compare images. Expression Media 1 always showed Light Table full screen, and though you could arrow through your images, you couldn't take advantage of a second monitor at all.

With Expression Media 2, you have the option of running Light Table in Palette mode - and dragging the palette to a second monitor. Once there, you can go back to full screen, so that your catalog is on one monitor, and Light Table is full screen on the other:


The first time you open Light Table in Expression Media 2, it defaults to full screen mode and shows the shortcut key help. Hit Esc to hide the shortcut help panel. To display Light Table in a palette, right click, and clear the checkmark from Full screen. Light table can then be moved around on your screen, moved to a second monitor, etc. All Light Table functionality is still available – you can rate, label, delete, files, use the magnifier, etc. All of the normal shortcuts still work.

On subsequent calls, Expression Media remembers your last setting, and starts Light Table in the same mode and monitor that it was in when dismissed. If you select a different image in Thumbnail view, the image in light table changes. If you choose to view a grid of several pictures, you can change any one of those by selecting the grid cell, and clicking on a new thumbnail.

Overall, it's easier to compare images, see what you want to work on next, etc. It's a huge improvement!