There were some questions about product keys and which keys to use with which products. Untitled-1There are four products keys located behind Expression Studio 2 box. Brief description about these product keys is given below (order in which they appear on the box).

  1. Studio 2: This product key can be used to activate following products, Media 2, Design 2, Blend 2 and Encoder 2. After installing Expression Studio 2 you need to activate just one of these products. The rest of the products (except Web 2) will automatically start using the activated license and function as full version since they share and use Expression Studio 2 licensing sub system.

    For Example, after installing Expression Studio 2 suite, launch Design 2, click "Enter Product Key" option under Help menu, type the product key labeled as "Studio 2" and then click continue. You'll receive a confirmation message, "Thank you for licensing this product. You will not be prompted for the key again." At this point, other Expression Studio products such as Media, Blend and Encoder will start using the license that was activated by Design 2 and function as full version.
  2. Media 2 Mac: Expression Media 2 is the only Expression Studio product that can be installed on Windows and Macintosh platforms. This product key is meant for Expression Media 2 installed on Macintosh operating systems such as Tiger or Leopard. This key will not work on Windows platform.
  3. Web 2: This product key is meant for Expression Web 2.
  4. Visual Studio Std 2008: This fourth product key is for Visual Studio Standard 2008, which is included with Expression Studio 2 as companion disk.