Hi everyone,

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged here. But I have great news for the Expression Media user community, and it’s too big to just put a quick notice in the Expression Media forum!

At the end of February we will release a service pack of epic proportions – well, to me it seems that way. Some of the notable problems fixed in this service pack are:

  • Importing a number of large images is very slow
  • Original file paths are used instead of new file paths when copying items to a new catalog.
  • Moving hierarchical keywords may incorrectly apply flat keywords to images
  • HTML gallery links show question marks when viewed in Mozilla Firefox browsers

All of these issues have been prominent on the Expression Media Forum, but the fix I’m most excited about is improved color management. People with high gamut monitors will especially notice that the colors in Expression Media match those in other color managed applications.

Watch for a complete list in the knowledgebase article that will release with the service pack. I’ll post the URL to it when it’s time.