We quite often have questions on the Expression Media forum about how people can take the galleries they created in Expression Media and integrate them into their overall website in Expression Web.

To answer that question in a central location, here is a tutorial using the sample images in Windows (XP, but Vista has some too). I'm really starting from scratch, so if you already know how to use Expression Media to create galleries, I apologize for being too granular.

  1. Open Expression Media.
  2. On the File menu, click Import Items --> From Files or folders
  3. Navigate to My Documents --> My Pictures, and follow the shortcut to Sample Pictures.
  4. Select the JPG images in the sample pcitures, and click Import.

This creates your catalog. Your gallery will be created from any images that are showing when you create the gallery. So, to illustrate that, hide one of the images by clicking on the thumbnail and clicking Find --> Hide Selected.


  1. Click Make --> HTML Gallery
  2. Give the site a title - in the title box
  3. From the Theme dropdown, pick a gallery that you like. Let's say Dark Gray. On the Settings tab, change the JPEG quality to high.
  4. For now, leave the rest of the options as they are. You may want to alter the thumbnail size or make other changes at other times, but this will give you a start.
  5. Click on the Make... button. Select your desktop and Click Make New Folder. Name it whatever you like.
  6. Click OK. Your gallery will be created.

    To incorporate the gallery to your website:
  7. Open your Expression Web site, and arrange Web so that you can see the folder with your gallery in it on the desktop. Drag the folder into Expression Web's folder structure at the root of the web.
  8. Open the page that you want to link to the gallery. Insert a hyperlink to the index page of your new gallery, just as if you were using FrontPage.


Note: You will not have a link back to the rest of your web from the gallery unless you open the index page and add one. You can do that or let people click on Back to get to the rest of the web.

To get around the lack of a link back to the rest of the web, I created a custom template with a navigation bar to the different sections of my web. So to get from any of the galleries to anywhere else in the site. I also have several galleries, so I created an index page manually with links to each gallery. This is the index page:


This is a gallery:


If you are interested in creating your own custom template, see http://blogs.msdn.com/xmediasupport/archive/2007/12/27/under-the-covers-how-html-galleries-work.aspx.