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March, 2007

  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    Streaming with LINQ to XML - Part 2

    In the first post in this series we gave some background to a problem the LINQ to XML design team has been working on for some time: how to easily yet efficiently work with very large XML documents. In today's world, developers have a somewhat unpleasant...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    XML Notepad 2007 version 2.3 is now available

    New features include support for XInclude, Goto Definition, XSD annotations in tooltips, a new navigation combo box for opening XML directly off HTTP, new menus for changing node types, better handling of XML documents containing illegal characters plus...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    MSXML4 is going to be kill bit-ed

    Please read the latest entry on this at - We are NOT killbiting MSXML4 Hi, We are going to kill bit MSXML4 in the October – December timeframe of this year...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    Upgrading to MSXML 6.0

    Contents Upgrading to MSXML 6.0 . 1 1. Abstract 1 2. Installation & Upgrade . 2 3. Security Migration – Understanding Off-By-Default 3 4. Improving W3C XSD 1.0 Conformance & Compatibility with System.Xml 2.0: Changes to the XmlSchemaCache...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    XML in VB9 on Channel 9

    Check out the Webcast : The next version of VB .Net adds Xml as a built in data type using the new LINQ to XML API. As a built in data type, VB 9.0 provides the ability to create XML using XML Literals and to query XML documents using XML properties...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    Streaming with LINQ to XML - Part 1

    This is the first of a multi-post series (#2 is now online ) on how to use LINQ to XML in scenarios that require streaming over a large input and/or output data source rather than loading a document into memory, processing it, and saving it. A considerable...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    The new LINQ to XML “Bridge Classes” to System.Xml

    [updated to try out a Live Writer plugin for code formatting ... let's see if that makes the code samples more readable!] In a previous post we presented an overview of the XML Features in the "Orcas" Community Technology Preview . This post gives some...
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