XML Notepad Source Code on CodePlex

XML Notepad Source Code on CodePlex

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XML Notepad 2007 source code is now available on http://www.codeplex.com/xmlnotepad.


  • The link is not working....

  • Hello,

    I downloaded your XmlNotepad a couple of days ago.  Today I pointed some people to it, and the XmlNodepad page is no longer available.


  • I concur/confirm...

    It appears that this project has been pulled from CodePlex?

  • Seconded. Any clues as to where the source might now be found?



  • Actually it looks like the project is back now (At least now I'm seeing the project now, able to download the source,etc when I go to www.codeplex.com/xmlnotepad .. )

    Looks like it got recreated/resurrected sometime yesterday afternoon (PDT)...?

  • Is it possible to instantiate a XML Notepad object as an ActiveX ? Is it possible to use XML Notepad in a browser for XML editing ?

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