August, 2006

  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    Game Components Demo

    During my Creating Games with the XNA Framework session at Gamefest, I did a demo about the component model of the XNA Framework. I thought some of you who didn’t get a chance to attend Gamefest might find it interesting so I made a recording of the demo...
  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    XNA Game Studio Express (Beta) Now Available!

    The day has come! You can download XNA Game Studio Express (Beta) from the following location on the XNA Developer Center . One reason we release beta software is to put it in the hands of the community and start getting...
  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    The XNA Framework Content Pipeline

    So we've talked about XNA Game Studio Express, and just the other day Mitch posted all about the XNA Framework that XNA Game Studio Express uses. Let's talk about another piece of the XNA Game Studio Express product—namely, the XNA Framework Content Pipeline...
  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    What is the XNA Framework

    Last week we announced XNA Game Studio Express, which is a product that enables students and hobbyist game programmers to create games using C# that will run on both Windows and their Xbox 360. The XNA Framework is the set of .NET libraries that developers...
  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    XNA Then and Now Part Two

    Hello again, I can’t tell you all how great it is to finally talk about what we’ve really been building in the XNA team. At GDC this year we showed off managed code running on an Xbox 360. We positioned it as a tool to help the professional industry,...
  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    XNA Then and Now Part One

    Hello everybody and welcome to the XNA Team Blog. This is an exciting time for myself and everyone else on the team as we finally get to go public tomorrow morning at Gamefest with the “Big Thing” we’ve been working on. I’m pleasantly surprised that it...
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