September, 2006

  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    Debug Visualizers and the XNA Framework

    Debugging visualizers are a cool feature of Visual Studio 2005 available to C# developers. I’d like to show you how to add some simple debugger visualizers to the Beta version of the XNA Framework. You can find general information about debugger visualizers...
  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    Loading Resources in the XNA Framework

    Scott Miller XNA Documentation We've had a number of questions in the XNA forums about the missing Load Resources How To, so I thought I'd try to clear up the issue. The Load Resources How To was merged with the Simple Game Loop How To because...
  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    Moving Forward with The XNA Blog

    Michael Klucher Program Manager - XNA Team Hello, everyone, our blog has slowed down a bit as much of our team is really pushing to get the final features into the product. We’ve seen that you have a lot of questions about XNA Game Studio , and as such...
  • XNA Game Studio Team Blog

    XNA Job Posting: Senior Program Manager

    Now that you have all had a chance to try out our XNA Game Studio Express Beta , had some fun with it, submitted useful feedback to us (I hope!), it's time to get serious about XNA. We are still hiring and have a key position on the XNA Program Management...
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